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NumberWorks’nWords O’MAthalon

This site has links to details of this year's NumberWorks'nWords O'MAthalon

The Senior (Years 11 - 13 in mixed teams of 3 or 4) O'MAthlon will be held Thursday 23 August 6:30 - 8:30 at Logan Park High School library

There will be no limits on the number of teams a school may enter

The Primary and Junior competitions (Years 5 – 10) will be held on Thursday 30th August in the Lion Foundation Arena at the Edgar Centre.

Year 6 @ 12:30pm

Year 5 @ 1:30pm

Year 7 @ 4.15pm

Year 8 @ 5.15pm

Year 9 @ 7pm

Year 10 @ 8pm

Entry can be done electronically here

2016 Questions and results

Click here

2015 results


2013 results


Links for the 2015 junior questions

Year 5 to 10

Links to the 2014 junior questions

Years 7 to 10

Links for the 2013 junior questions

Links for the 2012 junior questions

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